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(Newlen) NEWLAND Family Tree

Beginning with Jacob N. [Newlen] Newland    b. 1787 in New York.


Welcome! We hope that you will find this website as interesting and delightful as we have.

In modern education we grew up reading and studying early North American Continent settlement and American History. The forefathers of the family trees included here were the people who lived and made that history. In addition to listing who begat whom, we will attempt to bring to life the people, the stories and the history of these American Families.

The individuals in this family came to this Continent when it was a colony, created a nation, tamed and settled new territories, and have fought for and defended a way of life as soldiers of their country. Be sure to check the Veterans Page. It is almost a history of the United States of American at War?! Early family members to current family members have been and are deeply religious.

Be sure to stumble around and check the active links. Return and look for new information and stories. We will implement a changes page soon to assist you in finding new material.

As this site was started in August of 2001 there is a lot of information and stories that are ready but not yet posted to the site. This site is being created and maintained by two (2) webmasters! In addition to placing our family history here we will attempt to maintain a section on how a Genealogy site was created. Maybe we can even provide you some templates and code that we have used to create our site. Remember that some links on this site take you to other's web sites and if you wish to reproduce or copy information there, you must write and get permission. Almost everyone today is copyright crazy and you never know who will be punitive. We will make every effort to document and alert you to our sources and to who may hold a copyright to material presented here. We hope you will enjoy and can wait patiently for this web site to blossom.


This website was created by Perry, Steve (son of Perry) and John Newlen (son of Arthur, nephew of Perry) with a lot of help from other family members including Jimmy Porter (son of Daisy, nephew of Perry) and sister Ruby, and sister-in-law Olive (wife of Okey.) In our basic research, we discovered that the most likely immigrant was John Nouland who arrived in Philadelphia, North America on the Good Ship "Hope" departing from Rotterdam in the year 1737. The particular Boat List does not identify him as a Palatine which many Germans were referred to as. One Researcher lists him as a Bavarian? We are trying to track this down to document the specifics of this reference.

He disappears after landing and the name Nouland can not be found. The name Newland almost immediately appears in a Census in New York.

Birth and death references suggest that this Newland or his son of New York was The Newland who traveled West and settled in the Ohio Valley in the Early 1790s. Jacob then used more than one name. In particular we discovered that he was probably born with the name Newland. In a related Researcher's Tree, we found one of this Great Grandfather's brothers who changed his Newland surname to Newlin. So it would seem this tree beginning with John Nouland has a chameleon history of changing names.

Although we (the researchers) are Newlens, this site includes information and history for the Newlens, Newlands, and possibly the Newlins. (all sir names are without the 's' of course.) Since the crafters of this site have the name Newlen, the basic organization will center around Newlen until we have better documented the early history of our forefathers. Looking in the menu bar to the left you can quickly locate the other family sir name trees and information, if that is your primary interest.

We have not decided how to handle the transition in sir name. So it may appear that information is redundantly presented. While looking at an individual in a Newlen tree you may click on a link and find yourself looking at the same individual in the Newland tree. Or, you may see male surnames with a parenthetical (Newland) indicating that he was born with the Newland surname but changed it to the surname listed, most likely Newlen or Newlin. Not all the great ... uncles may have adopted the new name so history for one uncle may not exist in one tree but is found in a different tree. Happy searching until we decide how to best represent this.

If you can correct an entry, add an entry, or would add a story or remembrance about a mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or sibling please e-mail me.

We have a few pictures of Grand and Great families. I have to believe that someone out there has more! If you can share, that is part of what family tree research is about. Let us know and we will try to make this everyone's family tree who has a leaf here[:)].

Steve Newlen

Jacob's father and possibly grandfather will be added at a later date.

The line presented in this family tree is for the descendents, who took the name Newlen. I would like to add those that continued to use the Newland or Newlin family name so if you father's, father's, father's ... is a Jacob Newl????, please write us no matter which of the family surnames you have today.

Newlen Family Tree

Steve Newlen


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